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B e s p o k e   &   C o l l a b o r a t i v e   C h o r a l   C o m p o s i t i o n

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It was during a choir rehearsal, aged nine, that I decided to become a composer.  Whilst too young to fully understand music, I was so acutely aware of its effect on my young life - my emotions, mood, and outlook - that I could imagine no other career pursuit coming close to the ecstasy and solace I found through music.  

Several decades on, I still can’t claim to fully understand music, but it’s been my joy to witness, time and time again, its transformative power in community - none more so than in a community of singers and none more powerfully than when those singers are released to compose their own songs.  

I offer you here, a selection of songs from some key collaborative composition projects – projects where the songs have literally emerged through the process and surprised us all by their uniqueness.   There are some bespoke songs here too, so you can glimpse part of my own solo ‘voice’ as a writer. 

Please do get in touch when commissioning new music - I’d love to discuss how the process can be a fully inclusive, collaborative and transformational experience for your ensemble.

E v e n   W h e n   W e   S i n g

​Gospel / M i x  T a p e

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